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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Millar is the man!

It is well documented that Kevin Millar is having his struggles this year, both offensively and defensively. He is in a well publicized home run drought, not going yard since early June. This is amazing since he is a player who has earned his living with his offense. A troubling stat is how he performs with a runner on second base. Before the All-Star break, Kevin hit .083 with 2 HR's and 3 RBI's, half his current home run total. He has heated it up a bit after the All-Star break hitting .375 to date, with 3 RBI's. With runners on second and third, the numbers get even uglier. Before the All-Star break, Kevin had 10 AB's. He had just 3 RBI's and batted a woeful .100. After the break, he is .000. Whoa. Also, when there are two outs in the inning, Millar is hitting just .143 since the break.

I am a big Millar fan, but his prolonged slump, as well as his fielding woe's, have shortened my patience. Sitting down for a good week might do the job, as well as bolster his chances of landing a contract for 2005, since he in the final year of the 3 year contract. He does have the ability to carry a ballclub when he's hot, but that has yet to happen. Perhaps he is on the cusp of attaining a sore back? Carry us Kevin, carry us to the playoff's and to the promised land once again!!!


Blogger sweetie pie said...

Cowboy 'Up Baby! Where's YOUK?

7:57 AM  
Blogger Tom Donovan said...

Youk is on vacation, spending time in beautiful Pawtucket, RI. He's had 4 vacations this year, by far the most on the Red Sox. He is due back around the beginning of September, when he will have to shift his focus from the beach to the green grass of Fenway!

12:59 PM  

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