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Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Changes for the Red Sox?

What is different about the Red Sox this year? Let’s take a look. Terry Francona had more surgery during the off-season, so nothing has changed there. Gabe Kapler turned in his glove for a manager’s role. David Ortiz remains the same, even-keeled guy. JD Drew brings a whole new set of personality traits to the team. The Sox picked up another billion fans over the winter by signing Japanese players. Another new look to the bullpen. Curt Schilling is talking. Wait, that isn’t any different now, is it? Fresh faces are among the coaching ranks. Theo Epstein was married. Defense changed to offense. Closer turned to starter. Lead-off hitter falls to the bottom of the order. More updates to Fenway Park. New radio team. New radio network. No baseball on UPN. More annoying WB Mason commercials. More drama is surrounding Manny Ramirez again. As you look at it, the more things change, well, the more they stay the same.


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