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Friday, August 19, 2005

I am a fan, that's what I am.

I consider myself a true baseball fan, a definite Red Sox fan. I catch almost every game on tv. I listen to spring training games on the radio or I have been to most of the Opening Day Sox games since I was 12. (It's getting tougher to get tickets since the 'wine & cheese' crowd have taken the good seats - the Sox are 'in'.). During Thursday nights game against the LA Angels, I had a decision to make. Should I begin yelling at the game on tv (again)? Or should I change the channel and not wake up the kids? It was a west coast game, it was late. I changed the channel for the first time this year, and hopefully the last. What could make such a diehard fan do such an despicable act? Consider this. Manny Ramirez and Edgar Renteria collectively earn 30 MILLION dollars this year. In the same inning, both failed to bend over to stop balls on the grass. This resulted in two errors, extra outs for the Angels, and a very bad loss for the team, the Red Sox team. Renteria couldn't bend over to catch a ball thrown by Mirabelli in an attempt to throw out the would be base stealer Orlando Cabrera. The ball went under his glove, resulting in a two base error. Later in the same inning, Ramirez couldn't bend over to stop a ball coming straight at him. It rolled all the way to the fence, resulting in another 2 base error. The inning continued, the Sox lost 13-4. I refuse to watch this much money play with so little heart and desire, will & determination. Yes, I turned off the game. I have to admit that I turned it back a couple times just to get an update on Tim Wakefield, who left the game after taking a line drive off his ankle. He is fine. The Sox are still in first place. I don't' know how, but they are. Frito Tito Francona turned his head like nothing happened. A lot of coaches would have benched these two for such lack of effort in the field. Alan Trammel did this same thing a couple games ago. I couldn't yell this late in the evening. I couldn't scare the dogs this late in the evening. The good news is that it counts as one game in the standings. We live to play another day. For how long, who knows? If the fielding continues like this, Renteria and Ramirez will be watching the post season on their respective couches.


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