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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ramblings from the Nation – Around MLB

The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly looking to trade Kevin Millar. Millar, who spent the past 3 years with the Boston Red Sox, has been slumping at the plate to start the season, hitting at a .218 clip with a .320 OBP. I can’t seem to justify this, but I think Millar would be a great bench player for the Red Sox. He is incredible in the locker room, still has a little pop, but definitely lacks defensively. I think he would be more valuable than Dustin Mohr (.176/.243). And while JT Snow was brought in for defensive purposes, Kevin Youkilis has been the man. But JT does provide a left-handed bat. I’d rather have a bench duo of Stern/Millar than Harris/Mohr. What do you think?
Former Sox shortstop Edgar Renteria is riding a 25 game hitting streak to being the season with the Atlanta Braves, hitting .340. I think everyone is Boston is quietly happy for his success. While he struggled in Boston, he is known around MLB as a solid guy. Keep it up, Edgar.
Nomar Garciaparra is riding a nice little hitting streak for the LA Dodgers. Last week he hit a game winning grand slam, then followed it up with two game winning hits on consecutive nights. I happened to catch his wife, Mia Hamm, on an edition of Cold Pizza earlier in the week, and she said he isn’t getting too high during the good times or too long during the pressing times. He has been a pleasant surprise for the Dodgers after spending the first couple weeks on the DL.
While Barry Bonds is attempting to tie Babe Ruth for second on the home run list, the San Francisco fans don’t seem to care too much, as they have failed to sell out during the past three games.
Former NH Fisher Cat Russ Adams has been bench in Toronto by manager John Gibbons. He has errors in 4 consecutive games. Some in the organization feel it’s strictly mechanical, but Russ hasn’t adjusted. Here’s hoping the former Manchester, NH, resident finds his way soon.
Methuen, MA, and Northeaster star first baseman Carlos Pena is in the Yankees organization. There is reportedly a clause in his contract that allows him to be released if he isn’t called up to the show by a specified period. The Chicago Cubs are in dire need of a solid defender with some pop. Carlos would make a good fit.
Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi is nervous about sending out left Josh Towers for his next start, given his 0-7 record and 10.09 ERA. Towers is out of options and is getting shelled each time out. JP is scouring rosters looking for a replacement.
Former Sox centerfield Johnny Damon broke an 0-11 slump against his old team. He feels that the fans were “vicious” upon his return to Fenway. Boo-freakin’-hoo.
Randy Johnson is old. Period.
David Ortiz snapped a 2-24 slump, going 4-4 against Mike Mussina and the Yankees on Wednesday night.
David Riske is on a rehab assignment in Pawtucket, while Cocoa Crisp was pushed back another week due to the flu. David Wells continues to progress.
If your going to the Texas Rangers series over the weekend, make sure you check prior to traveling. The forecasts aren’t conducive to playing. Learning from their mistakes during the cancelled Yankees game last week, the Sox will be more proactive with the fans for upcoming cancellations.


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