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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ramblings From The Nation - Opening Day

Opening Day was a blast. Fenway Park is looking pretty spiffy and the weather couldn’t have been better. Of course, I spent a portion of the game with a gang of professional 12 ounce curlers. How early to these people start drinking?.....It was nice to see pitching coach Dave Wallace hobble his way around the dugout before the game. He left soon after. Shea Hillenbrand received a nice ovation when introduced before the game. After the game, his teammates told him that Beckett was jawing over the fact that Hillenbrand started to trot to first, thinking it was ball four. The former third baseman then threw out a few expletives in the direction of Beckett from the visitors locker room…..I thought the fans gave Keith Foulke the appropriate response as he was introduced, as I hardly heard a boo….I saw Carl Yastrzemski before the ballgame chatting it up with the parking attendants. I instantly flashed back to my early teen years when I delivered the Sunday Globe to his home. What an a-hole. More on that later…..I hope the fans display some patience with Wily Mo Pena…..Adam Stern is quick, but he can’t sing at all…..Jerry Remy has a small bald spot on the back of his head…..Lucky Larry Lucchino was very gracious with a lot of the fans before the game, flashing his championship ring around….I stood in an area on the third base line that was used as a beer counter in the past. There is a noose hanging from the rafters. More on that later as well. Imagine paying close to one hundred dollars for parking? Some vendors require that you assume the position over the hood of your vehicle and take it like a man……Bronson Arroyo is tied with David Ortiz in home runs. Why can’t we get hitters like that?


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