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Friday, April 07, 2006

Ramblings From The Nation - Baltimore

Contrary to popular belief, the acquisition of Kevin Millar by the Baltimore Orioles didn't drive up ticket sales. The attendance for the second game of the season at Camden Yards was a little above 16,000, while the next day was even worse. The announced attendance was 13,194. That should be short lived, though, as the Red Sox visit Baltimore and bring along a band of merry marauders. Call is RSN South, one of my favorite trips of the year.....I think Miquel Tejada is going to have a monster year, with decent protection in the lineup and the soap opera from last year behind him. This is a guy who, prior to last year, averaged 123 RBI/year over the previous 5 season.....Speaking of the soap opera, does anybody know where Mr. Viagra, Rafael Palmeiro, is hiding? I hope he remembered to take those earplugs out, where ever he is.....Manny Ramirez was burning chalk running to first on a single in the 4th inning. I wonder if he pulled a Roger Clemens and put Icy Hot on his cockadoodle doo. It was refreshing to see Manny hustle like that.....Still don't understand the signing of Rudy Seanez. He's got an career ERA over 4, and that is mostly in the pitcher friendly NL. He was already with Boston before and didn't impress. He's done nothing so far, and looks mean. LOL. I am not impressed with the so called strength of ours - the bullpen. In close games, Terry Francona goes to Mike Timlin and Jonathan Papelbon. In blowouts, he uses the rest of the pen.....Wily Mo Pena was the only position player who didn't get into the 14-8 blowout of the Orioles. Hmmmmmmmm. Conspiracy theorists, you may begin.....It took only 17 pitches for the Sox right fielders to produce 4 outs. Willy Mo Pena swung and missed at 4 straight pitches before taking the fifth, inspiring a Bronx cheer from Red Sox fans in Baltimore. He swung and missed at the next two. Trot Nixon replaced him when his next AB came up and didn't fare much better.....Speaking of Papelbon, how much respect has he earned from Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett over the past few days? I got in trouble tonight for now switching the laundry around. ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to all of your posts. Love the accuracy with the blend of humor. Well done, Baseball Thinker. I will spread the word ..

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