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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ramblings From The Nation

Here are some idle thoughts from a man who has too much time on his hands. I will work for food. Is Red Sox plural or singular? Keith Foulke said all the right things after taking a seat while watching Jonathan Papelbon close out the game in Texas. He said that he was a Red Sox and would do anything to help the team to win. This annoys me. I need to know what the proper terminology for players who refer themselves as a Red Sox. Red Sox “sounds” plural, but is it? To say you are a Red Sox sounds incorrect. What is correct? Red Sock? If you have the answer, please email me….. I got fired up when Josh Beckett got fired up, who in turn fired up Curt Schilling, which fired up Papelbon. I was fired up……. Trot Nixon’s cap is in mid season form, already wrinkled and dusted …. The Yankee’s weaknesses were on display in Oakland as the defense committed three errors and the bullpen wilted in a 9-4 loss to the Athletics. Johnny Damon throws like a girl ….. David Ortiz hit into two DP’s for only the fourth time in his career ….. Manny Ramirez is off to a slow start, going 1/10…..Tim Wakefield’s catcher, Josh Bard, treated Wake’s pitches as if the ball carried the bird flu…..Former prospect Hanley Ramirez drove in 3 in his second game with the Marlins….. …..During the 5th inning of the Texas game, I started to wonder if Foulke could successfully close out the game. This was on my mind until the bottom of the 8th, when Papelbon began his warmups. I was ascared…..I watched the blooper show featuring Jerry Remy and enjoyed it…..Tom Caron from NESN has new specs and has removed the go-t.....Joanie loves Chachi.


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