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Monday, March 20, 2006

Wily Is Lookin’ for Mo’re – Trot’s Swan Song

Wily Mo Pena was traded to the Boston Red Sox for guitar strumming and fan favorite Bronson Arroyo on Monday, March 20. RSN is displeased that another rock star is gone, but the end result could be more positive, providing that Wily Mo spends more than a year in the Sox organization. Pena has a substantial upside at 24 while Arroyo could be peaking at age 29. This deal appears to signal the end for Trot Nixon, the lame duck right fielder. Nixon, 31, is in the final year of his contract. He has been prone to physical breakdowns over the past 4 years. Pena is in line to take Trot’s job, and not just against left handed pitchers.
Wily Mo is looking to become an everyday player, and he will challenge the hygienically
challenged Nixon for the right field position. Pena possesses decent speed, an above
average gun, and cleanliness, a trait the current right fielder has been struggling with for
several years. Nixon elevated the term dirt dog to a whole new level in his years with the
Sox, as evidenced in his not so clean uniform. He often resembled a homeless man who
pulled an old Sox uniform out of the trash. Nixon also occasionally provided very
awkward moments rambling on about his religious beliefs way too long for the casual
viewer. Thanking the Lord is one thing, but providing a sermon during an interview
is just, well, awkward.
Nixon was a high draft pick as a teen and used his father, Dr. Nixon, as his contract
negotiator. But he really never lived up to the hype following an extremely slow
development period in the Sox’ farm system. Once he became an everyday player, he
was often injured and his chronicled struggle against lefties was infamous. The signing of
Pena officially marks the beginning of the end for Nixon. His days are numbered.
Wily Mo could be the next Big Papi, but probably not. From what I hear, he has an
incredible work ethic, wants to learn more, and will work hard to achieve that. Being
from the Dominican, he is familiar with Ortiz and other Latin players. I for one am excited that Wily Mo is here. Trot, on the other hand, has been pointed to the exits.


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