Baseball Thinking

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let's put things in perspective.

I have met few people who haven’t enjoyed taking in a baseball game at historic Fenway Park. It’s an experience that everyone should immerse themselves in during their lifetime. Occasionally we experience such life changing events that put our daily habits and joys on hold. Times like these tend to shift and re-align our priorities, actually putting them back into their proper order. Today’s event is the heart wrenching catastrophe that hit the southern part of the country in the form of Hurricane Katrina. Watching helplessly from afar we have witnessed tragedy on a grand scale. Never before has this country grieved from a natural disaster of this magnitude. As we surf around the various news outlets, we are presented with a plethora of heart wrenching stories due to earth’s wind, water & fire. With despair on the faces of those being rescued from the tops of their homes, our hearts want to jump into action and do whatever possible although we are so far away. We feel the need to be right in the midst of the rescue efforts, hoping to save a life that otherwise might expire. Our good sense tells us that while we can’t immediately assist, our prayers will have to suffice until our goodwill takes place using the recommended methods, such as donating canned foods and clothing. Entire families and their material possessions have washed away with the outgoing tide, while we still have ours. It doesn’t seem fair. As we lay our heads down on our dry pillows this evening, pause for a moment and reflect on how good we have it today, right now! May God be with all the victims.


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