Baseball Thinking

Monday, August 29, 2005

If Tommy was being Tommy ...

The signature theme to the 2005 Red Sox is Manny being Manny. Sure, it might have been cute for a week or so, but come on, are we going to tolerate this BS? If Tommy was being Tommy, Tommy wouldn't have a job, family, or much of the life he is accustomed to. For example, during a recent game at Fenway Park, Manny Ramirez ducked into the manual scoreboard out in left field. For some reason, he thought there was going to be a pitching change. It turns out the Manny had to “relieve” himself. He barely got his fly up as Wade Miller was delivering a pitch to the plate. Manny being Manny. If Tommy was in a work meeting and ducked into the closed to wizz in a coffee cup, needless to say Tommy would be standing on the outside looking in. During another mental lapse by number 24, he failed to hustle down the first base line in a close game in Kansas City. What initially appeared to be an easy double play turned into a closer play. Manny was out but the play would have been a lot closer had he actually hustled down the first base line. If Tommy was working on a key project at work, a project that could result in a potential profit for the company, and Tommy decided that he wasn’t going to put any effort in the project, once again, Tommy would be on the outside looking in. If Tommy said he needed a day off during the deadline of an important project, Tommy would find that he would eventually have many days off in a row. Remember that Tommy isn’t making 20 million dollars per year. Tommy’s salary is around $19, 990, 000.00 less, give or take a couple bucks.
If Tommy can’t get away with this erratic behavior in the real world, then why would Manny Ramirez be able to get away with this act in Boston, a town known for it’s unparalleled worth ethic? Is it due to his charming, even unctuous public manner? Sometimes the consensus totally baffles me. Sure, Manny might be a boy in a man’s body, but I personally think he could be a poster boy for ADD. Has anyone in the Red Sox organization actually checked this childman for this condition. Tommy has a strong feeling that Manny will be Manny in another town next year. Well, Tommy is going back to being Tommy, as I work the world in an effort to establish my own millions!
This date in baseball history: 1934 Tiger Schoolboy Rowe, after sixteen consecutive victories, finally loses. The A's chase him after seven innings in a 13-5 final. 1948 In St. Louis, Jackie Robinson hits for the cycle, drives in two runs, scores three times and steals a base helping the Dodgers to beat the Cardinals, 12-7. 1965 Giants centerfielder Willie Mays breaks former Pirate Ralph Kiner record for home runs in the month of August when the 'Say Hey Kid' connects for his 17th round tripper in an 8-3 victory over the Mets. 1966 At Candlestick Park, the Giants' home in San Francisco, the Beatles play their last concert. The 'Fab Four' will never perform in public again. (Historical data courtesy National Pastime/Photo courtesy ESPN)