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Friday, June 02, 2006

Matt Clement Should Head To The DL

The ten million dollar man is pitching like a bust. Matt Clement should head to the DL. And he should head to the DL for emotional reasons, not physical. Since getting hit in the head by a line drive in Tampa on July 24th, 2005, he has been a .500 pitcher (7-7), with an ERA around 6.00. This pales in comparison to the All-Star caliber numbers he started his Red Sox career off with (11-4, 4.43). He is hurting.
If you have seen his last few starts, Clement is clearly afraid of the ball. In each of his last three starts, the Sox medical staff have made trips to the mound due to awkward landings after delivering a pitch. The landings are a product of his secondary brain activities kicking in to protect him. He is clearly afraid of the baseball.
The Red Sox should do the right thing and put him on the DL so he can correct his emotional and mental struggles. Matt Clement has been a stand up guy and hasn’t blamed the head shot for his recent woes. The brass must take the necessary steps to assure the well being of their ten million dollar pitcher, especially for his long term health.


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