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Monday, March 12, 2007

This week in Red Sox History – March 11th – 17th

Grady Little was named manager on 3/11/02. Ground breaking ceremonies took place on 3/12/1901 for the Huntington Avenue Grounds, the first home field for the Boston Americans. In 1937, the first ever radio broadcast to New England took place of the Yankee broadcast network (no relation to the team). In 1944, Cy Young tells the world his middle name is True, not Tecumseh. In 1943, the Sox participated in spring training at Tufts University, practicing indoors due to the weather, and practicing in Medford due to WWII. Kevin Youkilis was born on March 15th. Beware the Ides of March! In 1943, Ted Williams undergoes a hernia operation, threatening his training as an aviator cadet. On March 14th, 2000, the Red Sox pitched a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays, with Pedro Martinez getting the start. Of course, it was spring training, so the stats weren’t entered in any record books. 1902 – It took the team just one year to raise ticket prices. It appears that this formula has been diligently followed by the Red Sox ever since! In 1980, Thomas Yawkey was elected to the Veterans Committee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 1953, National League owners approve the move of the Boston Braves to Milwaukee, WI. In 1919, Babe Ruth missed the boat, the Arapahoe. He was in a contract dispute and had no plans on sailing down to Tampa for spring training. He settled a few days later and took the train down to meet his teammates. (Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox, by Bill Nowling)

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