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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My wish list for Red Sox 2010 lineup ...

Here is my wish list for the 2010 lineup of the Boston Red Sox. Leading off will be Tacoby Bellsbury, followed by Pedey, then VMart, Adrian Gonzales, Matt Holliday, Youkilis, Lowell, Drew and Alex Gonzalez. Lowell will be strictly the DH, with an occasional turn by Ortiz. Youkilis moves to third with Holliday in left. The Seattle Mariners land Jason Bay, forcing them to deal Felix Hernandez before he reaches free agency. They can’t afford both. The Red Sox send prospects including Buchholz, Casey Kelly and Michael Bowden. Thankfully, they send Papelbon as well. Papelbon still has market value, but his mouth (redneck bad teeth and all), along with a historically bad shoulder, paves the way for his departure from Boston. The guy is almost 30 but acts 19 years old. And he will go to the highest bidder when he is a free agent. The Sox then have some prospects left over to land Adrian Gonzalez.

Starting pitching on Opening Day consists of Lester, Beckett, Hernandez, Wake and Matsuzaka, that is if Dice-K doesn’t show up as the same bloated pig he was this year. (Oh, oh, is 2010 the year of the pig in Japan?) Lowell splits DH 60/40 with Ortiz, but Ortiz spends most of his last year in Boston on pine. Papi is only here to honor the final year of his contract before being nudged out of the picture by Theo at seasons’ end. Bard and/or Billy Wagner fill closing void. Wagner gets his 400th save while showing Bard the ropes.

Changes need to be made and this is a step in the right direction. This is my wish list for the 2010 season. And it is very doable!! Of course, if neither Gonzo or Holliday comes to Beantown, that might mean a late push for Chone Figgins, which would totally screw up the lineup!

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