Baseball Thinking

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Everything is fine in the world of Remdawg.

Everything is fine and Jim dandy in the world of the Remdawg. Jerry Remy is as popular as any player on the Red Sox roster. The former Boston second baseman is the color analyst on Red Sox broadcasts, has his own theme restaurant located outside the walls of Fenway, Remdawg’s, and has a very popular website, The Remy Report. While most former players fade away into obscurity, Remdawg star is waxing. If you ask any baseball fan in New England who the Remdawg is, they will tell you. If you watch the Sox broadcasts on NESN and UPN38, you have found yourself laughing along with Jerry and his broadcasting partner, Don Orsillo. Ask the more astute fan who wore number 2 for the Red Sox and they will tell you. Red Sox Nation is in love with Jerry Remy.
Gerald Peter Remy was born in Fall River, MA, in June of 52. He grew up in the neighboring town of Somerset, MA. After a stellar athletic career at Somerset High, the Anaheim Angels picked him in the 8th round of the 1971 Amateur draft. He made his major league debut April 7, 1975. Jerry was traded to the Sox December 8, 1978. He quickly became a fan favorite with his speed, hustle, and determination. Shortly after his retirement in 1985, he coached in the minor leagues before joining the television media in 1988. He has been a staple for NESN, the television home of the Boston Red Sox.
Since teaming up together in 2001, Remy & Orsillo are possibly the best television baseball broadcast crew in the business, which an audience that reaches around the world. Born out of the Remdawg celebrity is a funky green beanie baby type critter, Wally the Green Monster. Jerry faithfully takes the wannabe monster lizard on the road and even had a custom case built for him. A loyal fan built the pint size green cotton ball a high quality Adirondack chair. And after the 2004 championship season, a miniature replica of the World Series trophy and ring was created for Walter, as he is affectionately called by Remy. Jerry brings a sense of humor that lightens up the games. He has appeared on TV with mustard drippings on his shirt, has worn dew rags on the air, regularly butchers promo’s for advertisers, and has Orsillo and Red Sox Nation on the verge of tears from laughing so much. During a recent broadcast he hid some donuts from a hard working intern for twenty minutes (a friend called him “fresh” because of this). Simple but funny stuff. His quick wit, along with the ability to laugh at himself, make him an icon. Through television, he touches each and every fan. Gone are the days when we turn off the television audio and turn on the radio. Fans around the world have never enjoyed listening to Red Sox baseball more than they do now. His winning personality makes watching a winning team more enjoyable than ever.
This date in baseball history: 1890 On Labor Day at Washington Park, Brooklyn wins three games against Pittsburgh in the first tripleheader ever played. The Bridegrooms beat the visiting Alleghenys, 10-9, 3-2 and 8-4. 1906 In the longest game in American League history, the Philadelphia beats the Red Sox in 24 innings, 4-1. Both starters go the distance as A's hurler Jack Coombs bests Boston's Joe Harris. 1918 Due to World War I, the major league regular season is originally scheduled to end today, but the owners decide to play through Labor Day (September 2). The Browns want the Indians fined and believe the Cleveland should forfeit two games for refusing to play on the extended dates (September 1 & 2). 1945 Phillies outfielder Vince DiMaggio ties a major league record hitting his fourth grand slam of the season. 1958 Cardinal moundsman Vinegar Bend Mizell beats the Reds,1-0. The Southpaw, who is from Vinegar Bend, Alabama, establishes a National League record by walking nine batters without giving up a run. (Photo courtesy data courtesy National Pastime).