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Monday, December 07, 2009

The beginning of the end of the New England Patriots

What happened to the legendary New England Patriots? They are a just a shell of their former selves. During their Super Bowl win of 2001, they chose to be introduced as a team. Their roster consisted of relative unknowns, players with some athletic ability but mostly intelligence. Their defense was tough and they won the close games. What has happened?

During their dream run, they never lost two games in a row. That has changed. BB never made mistakes. Wow, has that really changed or what? Their defensive schemes were smart and difficult for the opposition to figure out. Not any more. They can’t get to the quarterback and their secondary gives up a ton of points to the worst offensive teams in the NFL. The offense had some surprises and made big plays. There is no guessing about the pats offense these days. They have become very one dimensional and there is no question who will receive the ball on offense. They were a team which got better as each month passed. Now they are the opposite, losing more games in November and December than they have for some time. They can’t win on the road, except London. They are as predictable as the tides. During the prime years, they didn’t beat themselves. They played sixty minutes of football and each player knew their job. Their secondary was outstanding.

This is now Patriots Lite. Gone is the mystique, the swagger and the results. BB is being second guessed by everyone, as well he should be. Guys with the name Banta-Cain and Guyton are the best players on defense. That alone is scary. These guys were barely bench players recently. This is the beginning of the end.

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