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Friday, October 23, 2009

Gary "Tang Gay" Tanguay is not a truck guy

Dear Gary “Tang Gay” Tanguay,

I hope your having a great day. It’s almost the weekend and its football season! I do want to express my frustration, however, at your “truck guy” commercial. Gary, I am a truck guy. I live in the butt-crack, rifle-rack six-pack state of New Hampshire. Originally from Massachusetts, I was forced to purchase a truck due to the local terrain, But Gary, I am a tall, big and strong man, traits you do not possess. The truck really suits me. Based on the daily spankings you receive on-air, I am just not buying you as a truck guy. When I hear your truck commercial on the radio, credibility is that last thought that crosses my mind. You are at the bottom of the sports talk food chain here in New England. You are the little kid everybody picks on. Among the horses in the Sports Hub stable, you are the Shetland pony.

So when I hear the radio spot announcing Tang Gay is a truck guy, I don’t buy it. Neither does the rest of New England. Perhaps you should do a commercial for Mini Cooper, Dodge Neon, VW Beetle or for the Toyota Rav4, a real chick’s ride. Ever think of doing an MG or Miata commercial? Perhaps you could do a voice-over for the Smart Car. It’s light, small, weak and picked on as well. The credibility just isn’t there for me. You sound very foolish explaining to the global community how cool you have become because you drive a truck. It’s like comparing you to John Madden. Gary, you are not a cool truck guy, regardless of what lies your family tells you.

In light of this, have yourself a great day and best of luck with your future endeavors.


The sports fans of New England

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tang Gay is the total tool. Just a knob.

4:41 PM  

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