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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today in Red Sox History – February 28th

On this day in 2002, Dan Duquette was removed as GM, one day after John Henry officially became owner. Former manager and GM, Mike “Pinky” Higgins, was released from jail on this day in 1968 after killing one man and injuring three others with his car. The Sox sign Joe Wood, the son of Smokey Joe Wood, in 1944. He pitched only nine innings and left baseball with a 6.52 ERA. (Day by Day with the Boston Red Sox, by Bill Nowlin`)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This Day in Red Sox History – February 27thThis Day in Red Sox History – February 27th

On this day in 2002, wire transfers were completed at 5:02AM, making John Henry principal owner of the Red Sox. In 1966, pitcher Earl Wilson stated he was refused entrance to two Winter Haven night clubs, inciting claims of discrimination. Matt Stairs was born on this day in 1968. Man, he’s old. (Day by Day with the Red Sox, by Bill Nowlin)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Red Sox History - February 26th

This day in Red Sox history featured Jeanne Yawkey, who along with her husband Tom bought the Red Sox in 1933, passing away in 1992 at the age of 83. The Fourth District Court of Appeals threw out a lawsuit filed by Margo Adams against Wade Boggs. In 1935, the Yankees released Babe Ruth so he could sign with the Boston Braves. In 1911, it was reported that the Boston Red Sox would build a new ballpark. In 1912, Fenway Park opened. (Day by Day with the Red Sox, by Bill Nowlin)

Red Sox Charge Seat Fee’s for SRO Tickets.

The Boston Red Sox, along with the rest of MLB, purchase the services of ticket agencies to disperse tickets to their home games. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to a New York Yankees game, or to Opening day. Not only was I selected, I was able to secure two tickets to Opening Day, something I haven’t missed in years. In the past, I’ve purchased tickets utilizing Sox Pax ticket packages, along with other packages, but lately it is next to impossible to acquire them. So, I received my two tickets, which are standing room only, commonly referred to as SRO. As I was completing the checkout process, I noticed that an extra fee was added. The “convenience fee for two seats” totaled five bucks. First, it is not convenient. Second, I have SRO tickets, which mean I have no seats. Why in the world was I charged a fee for a service I did not purchase? Ticketmaster and the Boston Red Sox have yet to respond to my messages. I have also contacted Hank Philipi Ryan from WHDH in Boston. While we should be used to the scalping, uh, convenience fee’s, they should either be dropped for SRO seats or renamed appropriately. Let me know what you think on this subject.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Theo, what is the game plan?

Spring training is heating up in F-L-A. The players are shaking off the winter rust and they arrive and introduce themselves to old and new teammates alike. How is this edition of the Boston Red Sox shaping up?

When Theo Epstein arrived prior to the 2004 season, he added Curt Schilling to his roster and won a championship, based mostly on the team he inherited. The plan for 2005 was to basically retain the same core team. While they went to the playoffs, they were no match for the mighty Chicago White Sox. The organization took a left turn in 2006, opting for the defensive approach while stocking up on pitching. We know how that turned out. Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globed accurately termed the meltdown of the summer as a nuclear winter. So what is the team approach for 2007? They stocked up on pitching, acquiring a couple aging relievers and winning the bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka. (Matsuzaka has conducted more interviews than Trot Nixon did in 13 years, and he hasn’t thrown a pitch in the MLB). They finally signed injury prone JD Drew for ridiculous money. And they also signed Theo’s man crush, Julio Lugo. Are you ready for a torrid bro-mance between these two? Defense has been thrown out the window. Power is back. Pitching seems to be back. Will the championship be back?